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  • Extra Service: Car Spa

    Extra Service: Car Spa

    We take care of your car and can undertake the deep exterior and interior cleaning, using the best materials.

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  • Extra Service: Body & Paint Repair

    Extra Service: Body & Paint Repair

    Hightech Carfix Center can undertake the restorations of damages and deformations in your vehicle body as well as offer complete…

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  • Extra Service: Restore your car upholstery

    Extra Service: Restore your car upholstery

    Using excellent material and workmanship, Hightech Carfix Center undertakes to restore your car upholstery by creating an ideal result just…

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  • Extra Service: Μ.Ο.Τ

    Extra Service: Μ.Ο.Τ

    Hightech Carfix Center undertakes the operation of the vehicle Technical Inspection (MOT, Ministry of Transport Test), which is mandatory by…

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  • CARBON CLEANER – Cleaning (systems)

    CARBON CLEANER – Cleaning (systems)

    Arrival of a new innovative machine in order to clean the following systems ENGINE VALVES EXHAUST SYSTEM CATALYTIC CONVERTER TURBO…

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  • Extra Service: Wheel alignment

    Extra Service: Wheel alignment

    Wheel Alignment is related to the adjustment of the angles of the wheels of the car. This ensures that the…

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  • Βattery Check & Change

    Βattery Check & Change

    The battery is very important for the good operation of our car and we must ensure that is always kept…

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  • Air Conditioning Service

    Air Conditioning Service

    Air conditioning in the car, especially in Cyprus, is absolutely necessary. For the proper operation of the air conditioner, which…

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  • Lights’ check

    Lights’ check

    Frequent checking of the driving lights of a vehicle is of outmost importance for safe driving. Proper operation ensures the…

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  • Tires’ balancing

    Tires’ balancing

    While you are driving in high speed, is your car vibrating? If yes, your tires need balancing. When the tires…

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  • Tires’ Check and Replacement

    Tires’ Check and Replacement

    The tires are probably the most important part of the car for our driving safety. Their condition plays an extremely…

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  • Diagnostic review and repair

    Diagnostic review and repair

    Nowadays, most cars are controlled by control units. Hightech Carfix Center has a specialized diagnostics and fault detection system. Your…

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  • Basic Maintenance / Service (wash included)

    Basic Maintenance / Service (wash included)

    The car is the medium that serves us daily and facilitates our life. A properly maintained car is driven safely…

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  • Pick up & Delivery

    Pick up & Delivery

    Free time is really a privilege that few of us have since our daily schedule is so demanding. Taking this…

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    We've all come together to bring you a service based on our shared passion for automobiles and our high-level experiences.…

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